Farming Solutions

Helping farmers work smarter, not harder

Farming is at the beating heart of SmartRural and we offer solutions to help farmers work smarter by using data to make more informed decisions. We’ve been working with a number of ‘Digital Farms’ over the past year, deploying sensors and developing solutions that are proven to save time, money, improve safety and security which gives a peace of mind to busy farmers.

SmartRural sensors allow you to monitor and manage farm activities remotely and receive alerts to your smartphone when attention is required. Most sensors are maintenance free and with battery life measured in years so that you can truly fit and forget.

Areas of expertise

SmartRural have developed sensor solutions across a range of different areas to help farmers work smarter and safer.


Safety & Security


Environmental Monitoring


Farmer experience

Our soil temperature sensors allow us to monitor the variation in temperature across the season and allow us better time our applications of nitrogen. By improving the efficiency of nitrogen use we can reduce wastage, minimise environmental losses and improve our bottom line

  • Ednie Farms

The vaccine fridge monitors are really good. At certain times of the year we can hold thousands of pounds worth of vaccines in our fridge and knowing it is being stored at a safe temperature gives us a peace of mind.

  • Incheoch Farm

We have three main sites across the farm and to monitor all these units involves a 40 mile round trip, so having the sensors in place will allow us to reduce the requirement to undertake 'just in case' checks and be alerted should there be an issue.

  • Inverdovat Farm

The lone worker system is very important to us given that we operate across three sites and it gives us peace of mind that our workers can raise an alarm when required and that we know when they've returned from work safely.

  • Inverdovat Farm