About Us

SmartRural was born from our frustration that rural areas are the last to benefit from digital technologies as a result of a ‘city first’ model of expansion. Seeing the digital divide between rural and urban continue to grow we decided to draw upon our expertise in co-operative development to find a better route to digital enablement – one that directly involved those who own and work the land.

SmartRural offers a wealth of sensor-based solutions that help rural Scotland work smarter, not harder’ and a refreshing ‘farmer-first’ approach to the co-operative use of data.

These sensors link to our online dashboards and smartphone app allowing timely receipts of alerts and supporting farmers in making better decisions.

Any business can now have real time access to their fields, stock and machinery, hassle free with SmartRural solutions. With the data literally at their fingertips a rural business can make well informed decisions to help save money, reduce waste, improve safety and ultimately increase profit. Check out our ‘Solutions’ pages to see how SmartRural can benefit you.